Die Tweede Nuwe Jaar marked off a great start to 2018.
The streets of Cape Town were filled with both locals and tourist whom gathered on the sidewalks under gazebo’s to witness the Kaapse Klopse / Coons / Minstrels.

The moment was captured in crystal clear 4K Ultra HD through Wale Street and Bo-Kaap. Moments like these remind you why local is lekker. As a local born in Mitchells Plain, Kenilworth, Ottery, Athlone, Claremont, Woodstock, you would have automatically been exposed to the various versions of our culture. Rather than feeling like you live for it, just understanding its existence is special…

Some of us prefer no teeth, some of us re-use tea bags, some of us pretend to save water by not showering, some of us follow Westernized media, some of us create the local media and the story associated.

Cape of Storms? Not with this drought!
We so captured in local politics that we forget that we reside here. Clowns in the street are not important, Taxi Gartjies having a hole in their shoe is not important, foreigners popping up on every street corner is not the main highlight. Its how all the small elements come together that makes up Cape Town. We make this our home, cause lets be frank, it cannot be the same elsewhere. All jokes BTW. I love this place, though I am honest about its reality.

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Come with me on this journey to uncover Cape Town from another point of view.

I have no desire to replicate what 10,0000 other local photographers, story tellers and websites have already done.