How to make money by marketing online?

Step 1:
Sign Up to Bid or Buy

Make sure to remember your password! The process quick and easy!
Once you sign up you can start selling (auction), bidding or referring friends.
Head to “My Bid or Buy“.
Thereafter locate the :  Affiliate Tab.

Step 2:
Refer friends / family

You will get incentive to sign up as many users as possible.
Once logged in you will receive a unique referral code. You could start earning within hours.

Step 3: Share your referral link/banner on your blog, social pages and wherever allowed. (check terms and conditions).

Each time someone lands on the Bid or Buy page, and sign’s up from your link; you benefit.
If that user goes on to buy/sell/auction , you may earn additional revenue.

You will be paid accordingly; dependent on whom signed up vs their actions thereafter.

If the user you have refered creates and participates in successful Bids; you may gain a percentage of their transactions.

Sign up Here

If you manage to sign up several active users per month to Bid or Buy; you can expected some good profits. See below.

1 – 19 Users: R40.00 per user
20 – 49 Users: R50.00 per user
50 – 249 Users: R60.00 per user
250 – 499 Users: R70.00 per user
500 – 999 Users: R80.00 per user
1000+ Users: R100.00 per user

Monthly Bid Tiers

1 – 249 Bids: R0.40 per Bid
250 – 999 Bids: R0.50 per Bid
1000 – 4999 Bids: R0.60 per Bid
5000 – 9999 Bids: R0.80 per Bid
10000+ Bids: R1.00 per Bid