Shopping Online Cape Town

Shopping Online for Clothing

A guide to Cape Town’s Online Clothing / Apparel Shopping offers


Perhaps the most loved online shopping experience of all.
Superbalist is the online clothing store that offers:
1. Large selection of clothes, accessories, art & decor.
2. Reduced price sales or special offers happen almost 24/7.
Example: Spend R1500 or more and get up to 33% off – was an offer in the 2017 festive period.

I have done some of my cheapest shopping ever from here > vs what I could have paid at a retail store.
I have to sometimes question how they make a profit.

The suggestion is; create a lengthy Wishlist and cash-out when Superbalist have their regular sales.
When I say regular, it could be every few days that a related sale comes about.
Only your wallet calls this site illegal for that reason. The risk is seeing your desired Wish-listed items disappear while you wait for a sale.

Shore Projects watch ordered from Superbalist in 2017

When you do order something (out of festive period) delivery times are usually speedy. 1st time buyers may get an extra incentive. 


I have minor experience with the Zando online store.
I have probably made at-most two purchases, for the maximum in the last few years, thus it would be unfair to judge them on any particular scale.
I am subscribed and Zando does send frequent deal related emails which is a good sign that Zando is trying to be competitive in the clothing market.
1st time buyers may get an extra incentive.


Along with Superbalist and Zando; Spree offers a wide range of clothing and accessories. Spree forwards deal related emails once you have subscribed. These special offer emails are worth noting because my last 20 online purchases involved a 20% (or more) discount. I ensure I am getting this at a discounted rate by having an understanding of the item I desire to purchase vs What other stores charge.
1st time buyers may get an extra incentive.

Jack Lemkus

Located near to the Train Station in the Cape Town CBD. Jack Lemkus thrives on getting sneakers and clothing that cannot necessarily be found in other local stores.
Having said that, when you do find  that Jack Lemkus stocks something only found on an international site; they still offer the item at a competitive rate.


The local sneaker store has been creating a steady increase of a buzz for the last few years.

Shelflife Sneaker store: Longmarket Street, Cape Town

Shelflife initially went under the radar but have surged to the pinnacle of the local sneaker craze.
Which ofcourse makes “Shelf Life” a truly fitting name. I too realize that Fitting is a Pun, excuse the inception of words.

Directions to Shelflife Store: Walk down Long Street and make a right turn into Longmarket Street. This Shelflife store must be checked out! Its like a Cape Town top attraction, those Kanye West Yeezy Sneakers sold here are endangered like Rhino’s apparently.

The online Nike Store was not always available to South African locals.
While delivery is free only on big orders, its worthwhile buying a few unique items such as Nike’s “Nike I.D” sneakers. You can customize your own colorway on an existing sneaker design.
Yes it don’t come cheap but we not exactly looking for budget saving deals on this website.Create a wishlist!

As of the 1st January 2018 (last recorded) delivery is Free for orders over R400.
1st time subscribers may also receive a discount coupon code (may be time limited).
The general stock of Clothing and Sneakers makes for a good online shopping experience. You often find designs and colors not available in retail stores, coupled with your potential discount = a great deal.

TFG Group

All TFG owned store Accounts are linked together, which makes for an awesome online shopping experience.

Puma Tsugi Shinsei – for informative purposes only. These were purchased at 50% off from the Archive TFG store in December 2017

This means that I can do shopping from Totalsports, Markhams, @Home, Due South and many more stores with one account card.

What makes for an even better deal is that TFG currently offer an interest free account*. Don’t quote me on that though, but it’s worth checking out. 1st time buyers on a brand new account may get an extra incentive.

Stores under TFG branch is of 1 January 2018

Shopping Online for Groceries and Supplies

Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse is located in Kloof Street, Cavendish Square Mall and in the V&A Waterfront. If you looking for a healthy vibe with more choice of healthy food types than most local grocery stores then look no further.

The combination of a super clean shopping environment and a unique line up of health item’s make shopping online easy. You trust the source, so you may not mind paying a few rands extra, if each item end’s up being what you really needed.

Sales here can be rare (for items you interested in) but do happen. This is not exactly a place you low budget on. My suggestion is take a R1000 and get you a few things. You won’t be sorry (never know why people use this saying like they may need to apologize or something, but “when in Rome”).


I have never actually received an Online order from Makro.
Once I bought a Ps4 Pro (latest Sony Playstation Console) and got home and cancelled my online order cause I live across the road from Makro. The issue was ordering online meant they had to process the order 1st. None-the-less this was not a bad experience. I got my console, the story was a happy one.

RCS cards are welcome here but just keep in mind those annual interest rates, though new account holders may receive some handy perks.
Makro generally offers unique specials online on a Tuesday. Alternatively they have products on promotion each week. Personally it seems you can genuinely find products and even groceries cheaper at Makro than any competitor.  They can also charge you more than anyone else.
Do a general pricecheck on the item you seek at Makro if you do visit.

One last thing: Makro offer amazing Smartphone, Vodacom contract deals. In my analysis they technically offer the best value for money contracts in the industry. (they offer vouchers if you into that type of thing). I have done my past 2 Smartphone deals here. (over the last 4 years).

Pick n Pay

I live opposite Pick n Pay and Makro (my actual home)!
Find me in isle 3 ….. I literally have that convenience.
So why ever then shop online?
Pick n Pay allows you to put together a shopping list online (which can be printed). Pick n Pay recently did some online visual upgrades, it looks and works well.
You can monitor Smart Shopper points and even check for deals that Pick n Pay, purposefully tailored for you as a Smart Shopper.

Don’t forget to Earn e-Bucks and Vitality on purchases where possible.


The price champion. Just make sure to fill your cart enough to ensure free delivery. There is nothing worst than making a 25% saving and having to cough up R50 out of no where for delivery. This applies to most online experiences. takealot offers almost anything at reduces rates.
Its silly not to look here.
The days of assuming you need to go to a mall to find what you want in the correct color and correct price is a joke.
Go to the mall when you need exercise.

Bid or Buy

Similar to TakeAlot but allows for what the title says: “Bid or Buy”.
The unique name, describes itself.
Like my second favorite store: “Pick or Pay”, I often choose not to Pay.
Jokes aside there is no hassles here.

These online platforms want business. They want happy users/customers.
Attempt to refrain from being worried that the item may not look or work as expected.
If you cannot avoid that concern then stick to buying products that are common in your everyday life so that purchasing them online won’t be a worry.

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