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We require internet connectivity via our Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop pc, Smart TV,  Car, Digital Camera and the list goes on. Its safe to say its a necessity, and yes not every individual would have the same requirements.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing Internet Shopping.

Speed of the Device using internet

Your Smartphone or Laptop can only perform as fast as its hardware allows.
If you use a LAN cable to a PC, or LAN cable to a Smart TV; you may experience far better connection, especially if your device has a poorly manufactured WIFI connectivity.

Facts: a LAN cable will ensure best connection | WIFI is at its strongest within 5-10 meters of the modems location.

Netgear Telkom Router
Each Router has a WIFI range limitation.
You can opt connecting a long LAN cable to other rooms.
30 Meter LAN cables work just fine.
You can also buy a WIFI extender (which may be pricey).

Tip: Place your Router (if possible) as close to where you would use the Internet most.

Your Router / Modem used for internet:
I am no expert on the topic but for Home based internet you require a ADSL2 router. Make sure to check router specs before purchasing as you could easily buy a WIFI extender or something that looks like a router but does another job.

Question is: Is your requirement an entry level router or something more pricey that packs a bigger punch in terms of WIFI connectivity and general durability.

There are many modems on the market with similar internal hardware performance. You could pay R400 or R2000 and get similar performance so be careful. Try and ensure you make the purchase from a reputable retailer. Check for online (personal) reviews on websites like Amazon where hundreds of these Modems are sold and reviewed everyday.

How many people / various devices are using the internet at once?:
Do you live alone, or with a family? How many devices are sync’d to the WIFI?

The one device may update software, while the other device attempts to watch YouTube or Netflix.
This can ruin your viewing experience if you have average connection trying to juggle between the several devices.

Connecting several devices at once can be taxing
on your internet connection stability

Daily amount of Internet Data used

while Streaming / viewing content:
Better quality videos uses more data. A smartphone can view a 480P DVD quality video and it may look crisp. This low resolution type video will cost a low amount of data.
A Big 65″ 4K Smart TV may require 4K Ultra HD content to look good (or a minimum 1080P) otherwise expect some artifacts and blur.
Remember these new TV’s were not made / perfected for low resolution content. If this is your setup (a new 4K TV) then invest in Uncapped internet.

Tip – Buying 100Gigs of Data for your home can fly by. Your smartphone updates all the time. Video’s and scrolling YouTube can require more data on a bigger device. Usually capped internet is faster, which is great, but that means you will race to the end of your cap. Look at the various uncapped internet options.

keep in mind is you may require various types of internet per device. Perhaps uncapped internet via your home router. A 10GB LTE internet usb modem for your Laptop. A Few gigs of Data exclusively for your smartphone.

Internet Data and Internet connection type

(Fibre | Adsl | LTE | 4G):
Depending on your device, the type of connection may differ. Charges will be different too. Speed depends on the quality of your device used to view the internet vs The Speed of your internet and if a Router is involved.

The amount of devices connected to the same I.P will influence the spread of speed.

Generally, Home based Uncapped internet lines run smoother at different times of the day. This depends on your internet provider and how they manage their resources.

HDR LG 55" Smart TV playing 4K Ultra vHD Content
While some people may be OK with a FULL HD 1080P picture.
Once you have seen 4K content and you own a TV
that can play Ultra HD HDR content, you may not want to go back.
Wa nt 4K all the time? You can either pay for a 20MB internet connection to get
a 4K stream working (if your area allows),
or you can download 4K video’s if you can find
the right software online.

Internet Requirements for YouTube and Netflix

Showmax or Streaming 4k Ultra HD Content:
Are you watching Netflix or YouTube in 4K Ultra HD?
Try and meet these requirements for a good video viewing experience

720P Video = 4MB Line.
1080P Video = 6 – 8 MB Line.
1440P 2K Video = 10 – 20MB Line.
2160P 4K Ultra HD = 20MB – 30MB Line.

Only users with a 4K TV should be bothered about such high line speeds. I would say 10MB is the sweet spot for most households.

WIFI Hotspots

You can find Hotspots on the go. Get to a local coffee shop, or a franchise fast foods and they may offer a WIFI connection, provided you are signed up with a service like AlwaysOn or a Telkom WIFI Hotspot.

Uploading Content to the internet:

Many users will own a YouTube account or Facebook profile whereby they would like to upload content.
While images will be a breeze even with a 4MB connection,
the fact is uploading a file above 500MB (a 10 minute 1080p video) to a platform like YouTube can take an hour with a 10MB connection.
Your other connected devices may have a very unstable connection, as internet priority will go to the device doing the upload.

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