Survive the Water Crisis : Relatively cheap Steps to get through the imminent Cape Town Water Crisis.

1. Buy 5L Water Bottles
(cape aqua, mineral, still, whatever you can find)

There has been talk of 200+ water points for locals to get their daily allowance.
Yes 200+, you read correct. There are millions of local citizens in the Western Cape; ensure, do not make this your only source of water. While it seems each local will be allowed somewhere in the region of 15 – 30 p/p, its concerning to think that lines may take the entire day.

Take responsibility. If possible; do not depend on those around you to source enough water for you to survive the Day Zero reality!

2. Money spent on Water now is a big investment.

Spend your following assets wisely on fighting DayZero:
– Time (standing in lines to collect water before DayZero)
– Money (buying water bottles and water saving tools)
– Planing (prepare for DayZero.  Let it not come as a pure surprise)
– Resources (your current savings and current water storage)

Once the taps run dry; your wallet might run empty. We have no idea what may happen with the cost of living.
Prepare for a zombie apocalypse. We have seen what citizens have done when they wants education, housing & jobs.
Water is an essential we need straight away. There is no other way to describe this. Businesses may close, though some people will carry on with their daily commute. The danger here is more robberies, muggins, assaults, desperation & all the other dangerous adjectives that you can associate with humans on the edge.

What if our drought lasts the course of 2018? 

3. Forget March, Buy Water saving accessories.water-saving-bottle-19l

A Jojo tank requires a permit. Going that route is never a bad idea.

Those whom want a more reserved approach can attempt purchasing around five 25L – 50L water storage bottles. Some of them comes with a Tap attachment.

You are going to require your own bottles for your Day Zero daily water allowance!

4. Stop hoping it rains in Cape Town
Head to Hermanus for bottled water

Our primary dam: TheeWaterskloof Dam supplies close to 50% of our total water supply.

500 square miles in diameter, its mammoth size means that when water reaches low levels, it dries up at a faster rate than it would had it been at a higher level. 

Located 1,5 hours from Cape Town CBD, its rather a long-way-away for us to look at our skies and hope this rain will fill that dam. You better off applying strict measures to catch any water that falls from our skies between today and #DayZero. Don’t bank on the rain; purchase, save and store water while its still accessible.

Even if it rains for a 7 day week; we still due to hit day zero. 

The Newlands Spring is a free water access point for locals

The Newlands Water Spring point is the same water feed S.A breweries utilizes for their supply. Don’t expect a 5 minute stop. Each passing day news spreads and the Day Zero panic growths stronger.
It’s worth checking out the Newlands Spring water point but take people with you. Carry a 25L water drum (limit per person).
When the taps run dry water points may be EXTREMELY (potentially inaccessible) full.

5. Purchase your own personal/portable shower

There are many options for portable/mobile showers that people use when camping.
There showers are thermal heated and very water efficient. The more expensive versions (R200 – R2000) come with better attachments and general features.

Suggestions: Buy a more expensive outdoor shower; simply make a deal with whomever lives with you so that you then both have accessible to a shower not dependent on your geyser.

Final Thoughts:

Survive the Water Crisis

You may visit the Thewaterskloof dam if you the type that likes to know exactly whats going on.

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