Shopping list for building your own Medium Ranged Gaming PC:
Goal: Build a Desktop PC under R10,000 that can compete (probably destroy) the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
– We ignoring the fact that a console is fairly portable & comes with a Dual Shock Controller.

PC purchasers may ask if it is more convenient then to just to buy a pre-built PC?

The Truth is there are too many components in a Desktop PC to simply walk in a store & get the best value for money deal.

Buying a Pre-Built retail PC? You may ultimately find yourself upgrading expensive parts within 2 years.

When choosing to Build your PC, it allows you to control the cost and performance of each component and you will be more aware of when certain parts require an upgrade in future.

For that reason I would suggest you could build a PC for R9500; the same setup would cost up to R20,000 from a retail PC store. The only difference would be; they would be no hassle’s with warranty and installing hardware/software.

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are the flagship console’s on the market in 2018. The internal parts are not identical to a PC but can be compared to some of the components/parts mentioned in this article. 

Motherboard “its the foundation”

The CPU, GPU, RAM card, Cooling Fan and various other hardware components live on the motherboard.
Suggested Motherboard for medium range gaming PC: MSI Z370-A Pro

NB: Motherboard’s are not universally compatible with PC hardware components.
other important default required components include:
– a Cooling Fan (may be included when buying a CPU like the AMD Ryzen line: Performance of the fan important for overclocking and long term PC health)
– a Power supply [PSU] (again; not universal. Do your research, your GPU will influence your PC’s requirement of power.)
– Sound Card (may be part of the GPU)

what should you Budget on a motherboard: Approx R1700

Graphics Card – GPU “for the beauty”

A GPU is important if you want to play games on a high resolution or a high detail setting.
Certain buyers will also be interested in a GPU’s ability to Mine for Bitcoin.

As with competitor GPU’s. The GTX 1060 range is available in various editions from various suppliers. *overclocked, mining, twin cooler.

Medium Price GPU’s on the market in 2018:

Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB / 6GB
R3000 – R6000

AMD RX 580 4GB / 8GB
R3000 – R6000

The Benchmark for Console gaming is 1080P @ 30Fps on medium graphical settings.
Shooting and sports games will reach 60 Fps on console at the cost of graphical detail.

Interestingly a PS4 Pro can play Fifa 18 at 60 frames per second at a native resolution of 2160p.

so it all depends what you want from your PC:
On a non-demanding game like OverWatch; you can achieve 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps (on High graphics setting) if you manage to buy the correct Medium-price CPU and GPU combination.

Example: RX 580 8GB GPU paired with a Ryzen 1500x CPU processor may give you those 4K 60fps levels of performance.

NB: These two parts alone, may cost more than an Xbox One X console.

You start paying alot for small performance gains the higher you go up the ladder.

The VRAM (RX 580 8GB) in this case is an indicator of how much raw graphical power you can expect.
If you playing a PC game; the game will attempt to use as much of the VRAM available.
Developers will release applications and games that require more VRAM in future, so Its definitely a way of future proofing your PC’s performance.

what should you Budget on your GPU: Around R4500

Processor – CPU CHIP “be in control”

the CPU can act as a bottle neck for the GPU which will affect the maximum frames, detail and resolution your PC can achieve. The limiting factor in modern day consoles is the weak CPU.
When purchasing a PC, the difference in prices for a CPU is R300 – R600 and you could see big performance gains in various area’s by paying slightly more.

US price and spec comparison – Medium to Higher end Ryzen range. 1200 | 1300x available at R400 – R800 less than the 1400 and above

The CPU also plays a huge role in editing software; such as Photoshop Elements, Video Editors / Video Production.
It depends on what you actually do on your PC on a daily basis.

Medium Price CPU’s on the market in 2018:

AMD Ryzen 1200 | 1300 | 1300x | 1400 | 1500 | 1500x
Ryzen processors have the ability to over-clock (even by an amateur) from around 3.1 GHZ to 3.8 GHZ.
Depending on the Ryzen version; you may receive a free cooler with the CPU.
Ryzen Does Not come with on-board internal graphics card like many of the Intel CPU Chips.

Intel i3 8100 (4 cores)
Released in late 2017; direct competitor to the AMD Ryzen 1200 and 1300x.
more details on i3 8100

what should you Budget on your CPU: Approx R2350

Hard – Drive “store your memories”

SSD hard-drives come in significantly smaller capacity than HHD hard-drives at a similar price.
Yes space is important; though its suggested that you invest in something like the:

Crucial MX300 525GB 2.5″ SSD SATA 6Gbps 7mm 3D Nand Solid State Drive

5000GB is enough to install Windows 10 and your primary photo, video, music and general software.
The Read Speed & Write Speed is the main performance figures to consider.

NB: Solid State drives have a 2 – 5 year life span. Each time you add / remove data influences its life span.
The trade off of possibly losing the drive one day, is comforted with some speedy performance.

Tip: Buy a spare 1TB HDD and use it to store your media content such as images, files and videos.
Use the SSD to store content like the Operating system and your primary software.

what should you Budget on your SSD: Approx. R1400

DDR4 RAM 2400Mhz

Random access Memory (RAM) runs the operating system and the related applications.

8GB is the suggested requirement for any system running Windows 10.
– Buy a single 8GB RAM card (instead of two 4GB card) so that you can upgrade to an additional 8GB / 16GB in future (if your motherboard only houses two RAM slots).
– The Speed of a DDR4 RAM card goes from 2400mhz, up to 3200mhz but can become unstable if not overclocked correctly or installed on the most compatible motherboard.

what should you Budget on your Budget RAM: Approx. R1200

PC Monitor | PC Screen

Chose between a Full HD 1080p, 1440p 2k, 2160p 4k | 60 Hz, 120 Hz refresh rate monitor.
– These perfromance factors will influence the overall experience dramatically.
– Its compared to what aerodynamics is to a fast car.

The Goal is to view content 4K 60 fps

Alternatively: you may use a 40″ or bigger Smart TV as your PC screen (if you into that type of thing).

TV on left is an LG 55″ Super UHD. (offers HDR – High Dynamic Range & WIFI) Has a great refresh rate. But you looking at 12 – 18k

what should you Budget on your Monitor: Approx R2000 or just use your HD TV

Operating System – Windows 10

– The latest and most universally friendly OS on the PC market right now.
– Check a few online reviews before purchasing the Windows 10 Home | Windows 10 Professional version.
– You can get Windows 10 for free (with added Windows Watermark)

what should you Budget on your OS: Approx. R1700 – R2400

The PC Tower / PC Box

– Buy a Tower large enough to house your desired motherboard and GPU (graphics card) combination.
– You can opt for internal PC lighting options that look awesome paired with a transparent PC tower.
Tip: You can purchase certain RAM cards and GPU’s that feature unique lighting.

Budget PC Tower: R700 – R1500

Your Purchasing decision: PRO’s VS Con’s

A. Should i buy part-by-part over time, once each part is on special?
– Get parts that you really want at the best possible price (considering annual inflation).
– Risk though purchasing a part that you either don’t want anymore; or perhaps the industry releases new technology.
– you may wait some time for the right specials (would that be worth it?)
– Building a PC from scratch requires all your attention  (components, cables, installation & trouble shooting)

B. or Should I buy all PC parts at once?
– If you did your homework, then you could build an awesome (value-for-money) gaming PC.
– It might cost alot right now.
In a few months newer hardware is released and general prices either increase or drop.

C. Building a Gaming PC or Should I buy a ready-made retail Desktop PC?
– Convenience plus a Warranty from one supplier when buying the PC from a store!
– you can build and purchase a well priced PC (to your desired specification) on

Each PC part will be dependent on the other. You GPU is limited by the CPU. The CPU is limited by the motherboard and Power supply. The RAM is limited by the CPU and screen resolution. The inter-connection goes on and on.

Suggestion: If you can afford it, purchase an HDR 4k Smart TV and connect your PC.
No monitor can compete with its sheer size. Do not go smaller than 50″ for a room bigger than 3-4 square meters.
Make sure you sit a minimum of 2 and a half meters from the TV. 4 meters would be the sweet spot (to not destroy your eyes and you will get the best quality picture from that distance.)
You can chose cheaper items, a smaller TV. Its up to you; this is a buyers guide for someone requiring a good working PC.

The Regular experience? or Playing Final Fantasy 15 with your mouth on the floor?

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